Digital design & marketing

We provide everything Your business needs to exist in the digital world, from the design concept, through prototypes to development and advertising.

Our services



We create both simple landing pages, and advanced websites with dynamically added content, SEO optimization, and unconventional visual effects.

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E-commerce stores

Building e-commerce stores for Our clients, we deeply analyze their needs and sales process, all to help them sales more and easier.

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Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media

We offer digital marketing strategies, Google Ads and Facebook advertisements, and social media support.

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Apps & UX prototypes

To ensure You that money You spent on application development are spent well, We help design UX and make prototypes.

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Graphic design

We do all kind of graphic design projects: from logotypes and ad banners to full visual id with a complete and professional brand manual.

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Individual approach for your business

We know that every business is slightly different and needs an individual approach. Because of that, we put so much effort into doing research, understand client needs, and discover potential both opportunities and threats.

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Our process

Our process assumes the Agile Software Development methodology. It means clear goals and needs definition at the very beginning, frequent consultations with our client and fast reactions to surrounding changes and client feedback.


Recognizing client needs, defining project goals

We always start from an in-depth interview with the client, basing on SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). It helps us to get to know our client and his needs as best as possible. As a result, we can define client needs and project goals earlier and more accurately.


Research, discovering opportunities and threats

The second step is the current business state analysis. Also, we compare it to competitors and do market research. Additionally, we are setting ourselves in our client customers' shoes. It helps us define their profile, our client's real needs, and discover potential opportunities and threats that our client was not aware of.


Designing and prototyping

Knowing our client needs, potential opportunities, and threats, and having precisely set goals, we can start designing solutions. Thanks for making sketches and prototypes fast, we could see does our proposition is what our client expects. Also, we are able to modify prototype upon clients' feedback and our observations continuously. Usually, after 2-3 iterations, we have a design, which allows us to go to implementation.



Based on the previously made prototype, we start development, or we pass the project to the developer chosen by our client. Thanks to well-prepared and documented maquette, adjustments, and corrections in the final project are limited to a minimum. It also makes provided solutions better and higher quality.

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